Which dentist should I choose, what clinic would come recommendable?

How would a foreigner to an other country know which dentist/dental clinic enjoys a truly unblemished reputation?

Word of mouth alone is not wisdom's final conclusion since - despite the best of intentions - the recommending one usually lacks the knowledge to render complete and qualified counsel. Who knows, maybe she/he was just lucky?

By now we have been focusing on the subject of professional dental care in Hungary for more than 10 years by now. No one else could provide you with a more extensive local knowledge than us.

All knowledge and information pertaining to the dental-tourism from all over the EC is based on experience made by ourselves right here and locally.

Being established here for so long has accumulated a lot of inside-knowledge for you to benefit. But this not where it stops, since we also know how to directly monitor developments to being able to exclusively recommend dentist and dental clinics who comply with the following criteria a 100%:

What you will NOT find with us:

Investor owned and operated big-scale clinics aiming only at making as big as possible profits while reducing service and care to assembly line quality and patients to being the mere means to an end.

Clinics and other treatment facilities that do not meet the above mentioned criteria to the dot.