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Why Hungary for your dental care?

Common Knowledge is:

Largely Unknown however is:

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(Postings "Karl":
Hi, I today did receive an estimate from a privately run German dental clinic for reconstructing my dentals (mostly implants) amounting to € 40,000.00
Anybody here can tell me anything about comps in Hungary?
Posting/Answer "Ernst Kouba":
?? 40,000.00 Euro?!
If you'll be having the job done locally - your dentist's daughter will have a new car soon after.
Go and have it done in Hungary and buy yourself that car from what you'll be saving!!)

In addition to the above there is one further huge benefit: You will not merely be one patient amongst many, but receive the royal treatment common to private patients, who need to be pampered to the tilt to retain also their future business. Figure it for yourself: The success of these clinics is based almost exclusively on referrals!

Don't continue to be an enemy to your own money - opt for the best possible balance of value for money.

Particularly since this is about YOUR health, quality of life, well being and last but not least you looks on top of it.